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Originally Posted by TomK View Post
In short: the additional features of the 700 are nice, but the essential reason for an e-book device is the paper-like display. If I had to choose tomorrow, I'd get a 505 no question.
Actually, I'm not in need of the extra features that the 700 provides. Just need to know how the 505 handles PDF files after the latest firmware update. All I'm looking to do is view 6x9" PDF files in landscape mode without margins (landscape + zoom so no margins are displayed). I also don't want the text to be reflowed since the formatting can be awkward on some PDFs - judging from the Sony Reader software. Just wish the Sony Reader software allowed me to view PDFs in landscape mode with "M" zoom so I can see how the Sony 505 will handle various PDF files.

The two things that the 700 has that I like is the fact that you can zoom and pan on a PDF file and it's much faster overall then the 505. But they're the only two features I would like to have/want. But I agree the display isn't as crisp and the background is more grey on the 700 (less text to page pop). The text is still readable but I can see how current 505 owners would be turned off by the screen on the 700. I don't understand why Sony didn't get the touch screen right - looking at the Plastic Logic unit didn't show any of the problems with regards to the screen on the 700 - no glare, no depth to the e-ink screen, and whiter background (well Plastic Logic uses a different screen technology so the background can't be compared but everything else can be). It probably came down to cost and high production supply for the touch screen material and not going with the newer Flex e-ink screen (no depth needed between screen and touch screen), which was a poor choice on Sony's part. I would expect their Nex-Gen eBook Reader not to have this problem since I'm sure they're well aware that people are not happy with the screen.

I guess I'll need to find a local store to compare the 505 (with the latest firmware - hope they have a demo with it installed) and the 700. I think the 700 will do all that I need based on the videos I've seen. It's just that there's no videos that I could find that show how the 505 handles PDF files using the newest firmware.

Ideally, I would like to keep the cost down since I will probably only read 10-12 books a year. The main reason for wanting a eBook Reader is for the portability factor - not being forced to read in front of a computer monitor. Plus with the $100 credit that's being offered by Sony, I should be able to sell the unit for about the cost I paid for in when newer models come out this year (by Sony and other companies). $200 or less is the price point which will get more people to buy eBook Readers. The current MSRP of $399.99 for the 700 is a rip off if you ask me since you can get a mini-notebook for less that has more power and hardware. Plus Sony is marking these devices up pretty heavy considering you can get $100 off the price by applying and using a Sony Visa card (Chase Credit Card). They wouldn't be doing that if they were lose money, otherwise they wouldn't be in business. And I've yet to see any online retailer sell the 505 for $199.99 or the 700 for $299.99

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