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fictionwise 'secure' books for kindle?

okay, i'm sure this information is already present on these forums somewhere, but searching is just leading me in circles... what i'm trying to find out is this: can fictionwise 'secure' ebooks be read on the kindle? i know (well, i think i know) that the multiformat ones are perfectly fine on the kindle, as-is, but all the posts i'm finding seem to indicate that secure mobi fictionwise ebooks won't work on the kindle. some of them suggest using deDRM to get them to work, but (1) the posts aren't clear that that actually works, and (2) i have no experience with deDRM at all, and am hesitant to muck around with it.

i found a post from a little over a year ago stating that fictionwise was adding support for kindles, and a bunch of hits on a google of 'fictionwise kindle' at the same time, but replies to the post here seemed to indicate that there was a problem with the kindle ebooks, and that they were no longer available? maybe? sorry to be so clueless, i'm just trying to piece this together, and my brain is apparently even more foggy than usual!

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