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New Version 1.1.7

Originally Posted by nrapallo View Post

For now, I have some quick findings (hopefully before your next revision gets posted) :
  • Your Create HTML menu item is a great addition; but why not place it in a Save HTML button beside (or in place of ) the Save Text button.
  • I've noticed that the extracted images (ID for the image type) are not always in the correct spot in the .html created. Check the first image in that Space Encyclopedia.imp against what shows up in the PC imp viewer.exe.
  • Under the General tab, the Header entry for IMP device shows 'Softbook 200/250e' when it should show 'EBW1150'.
  • It shows 'UnCompressed' even if the text is LZSS compressed.
  • The 'SubCategory' is not displayed as a Book Properties entries even though it does show up under the Book Properties tab.
  • When I click an image entry, you display the corresponding image. Consider displaying in that same section, text results that say would give for that record entry when "clicked'. No editing would be allowed; just display the info for that filetype in that section.
  • Under the Book Properties tab, the Format M L, F doesn't work as it only returns one character for each. Consider changing that button to Format L, F M instead, as this "sorts" better and is more common. Ensure that multiple button clicking of Format F M L and Format L, F M properly show the Author name.
  • Consider adding an About menu item with version number and your name (and possibly a link to this thread)!

I was able to put together the changes above.
  • I added the button to save HTML next to the Save Text button.
  • I Fixed the Image placement in the HTML so they are using the proper Resource ID for the Image in the HTML
  • I Fixed the Book Header for the IMP Device
  • I Fixed the Uncompressed / Compressed flag in the Book Header Display
  • I Added the SubCategory to the Book Properties Tree Node
  • Added an About Dialog
  • ???Can you give me a simple text layout of the image information you would like to see when clicking for the image display??? And do you want it added to the Tree or beside the Image Display???
  • ???The are several possible F L M combinations to try to handle without a specific set of rules this would be hard to control and some combination may be left out. I still have the code but temporary made the buttons invisible.

Thank you, I am glad the program is working for you. I appreciate the comments.

I added the list above to 1.1.7

-- Michael
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