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Thumbs up Procedure to get X-Ray Builder to work everytime

I've messed with this off and on for a couple of months now, but could never get it to work consistent for me. So I spend a few hours on it yesterday and wanted to let the rest of you inconsistent results on how I got it to work for me, did at least 10 books with testing. Mobi and AZW3 and doesn't matter if they are put in the root of Kindle Documents folder or under author like Calibre moves them. I have the newest Voyager and the latest software.

This is the way I got it to work every time, but there may be things that aren't required, I just didn't have more time to prove it all out.

Procedure includes Calibre, the Quality check plug, and lookup metadata for Amazon.

Calibre output settings (preferences): mobi - personal doc tag: [EBOK} and new for file type. (keeps the new books going to kindle NOT as personal docs and brings nice covers

for XRAY config: checked: output UTF8, enable editing of chaps, use new xray format, use subdirs, overwrite existing files. Excerpt offset: 0

For the book you want to Xray:

1) double click on the book in Calibre and delete the existing Ids
2)turn on the Amazon metadata lookup for the sources (I only picked Amazon here, but I'm sure that doesn't matter, but you MUST have Amazon)
3) do a metadata lookup for Amazon and let it write the new metadata
3) Using the Quality Check plugin, choose Fix ASIN for Kindle Fire (don't worry if yours is not a Fire, I have a Voyager!) btw, I found even with Amazon lookup, Xray would NOT always work unless I did this procedure!!!
4) using Calibre, right click on the book and choose Save to disk - you will use either the mobi or the AZW3 from this.
5) run XRay builder and drag one of those files to the book input box
6) use browser and go to and look up your book page, once there grab the URL from browser and put it into the URL field of XRay
7) click the build Xray button at top and you should be fine
8) plug your kindle in with USB cable and go to documents directory
9) grab the specific book you used in Xray and the Xray output directory created in the process (in the out directory) and copy both of them directly to the Kindle's documents directory. They should be exactly the same name, but book with extension of mobi or AZW3 and directory ext of .sdr.
10) unplug the usb cable and your book will show up in the kindle and the Xray will be working.

It's as only good as the Shelfari information.
XRay is reached by clicking the top part of menu area, not by highlighting a word.
I generally DON"T have Amazon turned on for metadata - not good for tags and book series, I generally only use Goodreads. So after I do the Amazon thing for this, I will go back and only chose Goodreads to fix my metadata the way I like it.
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