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Can I change path/folder & Q re meta information loss

I have multiple folders for downloaded ebooks right now and it is driving me crazy. It is my fault for not having a system down while experimenting with different programs over the past few months, books via MS Reader, Mobipocket, Sony, Calibre, etc. I am trying to consolidate everything into one folder. Right now the path for my Calibre library is c:\Documents and Settings\Me & DH\My Documents\My eBooks. I would like to move everything to c:\Documents and Settings\Me\My eBooks. How do I do that? I can't find a way to change the default folder via the Calibre program. And is there a downside to adding all my eBooks in that one single "My eBooks" folder or should I add another folder so something like: \My eBooks\Calibre Library?

Also, I've noticed that when I convert .Lit files using Convertlit to Calibre, the author and publisher info in the meta information fields are almost always blank. (I say "almost" only because I just noticed this recently.) But when I convert .prc files using mobidedrm to Calibre, that info is always there. So is the loss of certain meta info fields when converting .lit files using Convertlit known/normal or am I doing something wrong?
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