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Device: ¿Cybook / Hanlin / Sony?
Why is the Sony cheaper than Cybook and Hanlin?

Hi there.

I am interested in the 3 readers in the topic.

I like the style of the Sony and Cybook, and the wide range of formats available with the Hanlin but...

Why is the Sony reader (a company whose products are usually more expensive than the rest, ie ps3) cheaper than these two?

I can buy the Sony at 208€ shipped, Cybook at 230€ shipped and the Hanlin at... about 240-250...

How is that? I mean, should I buy the Sony? Eventhough there are certain problems with it (such as the lack of mobipocket support) it seems to have the better quality/price ratio, and it got better reviews in general than the other two.

What am I missing?

Thanks! (I only wanted to spend 200€ish in a reader)
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