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Well, I'm still going to post here and enjoy the banter :-) - I've read a few of Oprah picks - whenever I need a good cry - "Plain Song", "Map of the World", "The Secret Life of Bees" - in the first the boy that got the girl pregnant was a bad guy - but the men who took her in were very kind, the second really didn't have any irons to burn regarding men, the last, the father was terrible, but by the end, you understand better and he does a noble thing.

They're not classic literature, but for me, many are pleasurable (think drinking a moche latte) type of experience - they evoke an emotion, probably in a standard kind of way, but enjoyable none the less.

I haven't read the Sawe.. book - didn't sound good to me.

PS - I don't ever watch Oprah though - just notice the books at the store.
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