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Coming Full Circle

It's been years since I've used my Palm format ebooks, but that changed last week when I got my christmas early and my fiancÚ bought me an iphone. I well remember buying ebooks from Peanut Press so that I could read them on my Palm III, then a Handspring Prism, then a Sony Clie, palm tx, and finally 2 different treos.
My switch to Blackberry was disappointing since I could no longer carry and access those books in a single convienient package, but that was mitigated by the fact I had a Sony ereader.
Now that I'm on an iPhone I can once again access all of those beloved books.'s latest reader for the iPhone is pretty durned slick. The only thing missing is the ability to read lrf file.

(I'd type more, but I'm postingvfrom my iPhone so it's a little time consuming.)
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