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Thanks for your prompt answer. Iīve been checking your comments, but I still have the same problem.

Originally Posted by ericshliao View Post
which process will be displayed on screen, your application "A" or contentlister?
This is the situation:
- First, I launch "A" application written in C.
- "A" app launchs ipdf
- I try to exit ipdf
- and if the behavior were ok, I will back to the "A" app

I hope this solve your question.

Originally Posted by ericshliao View Post
Did you mean that ipdf exited and then re-executed, or ipdf just didn't exit?
Yes, itīs the second. The buttons NEWS, BOOKS, DOCS and NOTES reacts exactly like with the top left button, that means, I see a blink of the screen (I think that inside change to the proper directory) but the ipdf stills on top. If I press flipbar, the screen donīt blink and it doesnīt do anything.


Iīm not sure if the signals are sent to my program instead to ipdf. I have test what you say to launch my app with sh (I tried 'sh -c myapp') but It still doesnīt work.


In short, I canīt exit or flippage inside the ipdf I have launched. I have realized that I have the same problem if I open a shell (or ssh) and open ipdf by command line.


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