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I would classify myself as a lite users, because of my work, I rely on the brute force of a laptop. The daily dose of 10Mb e-mails because in a corporate society, they think it's cool to send everybody a copy a recently pitched PowerPoint presentation.

My Palm serves as a nice note book to take a long when I visit customers. On my way back, drop by Starbucks and read a day or two old newspaper which I download the night before. Although I normally tune in to the BBC on my comute to the office, so reading the Isilo version is mostly to keep up with the local news (don't want to look stupid if the customer should be asking my comments on current affairs ). Check my schedule and my to do list. Off again to endless meetings, telecon, etc.

Back in the office, it's laptop power time again, and make sure I sync my PDA, etc. before I check out for the day (actually, the night. always burning the midnight oil ). On Friday is off to the Mosque for me. So, flip on my Palm and continue reading the Isilo version of the Holy Koran.

So, will WiFi and bigger PDA be for me in the future? I doubt it. I think it goes back to what will be the "killer apps" for PDA. If they can blend the PDA with a handphone in a package that does not cut corners, I may opt for one. The Tungsten kind of forcing things a bit. Then again, it's the price to pay for all the "real time" news. I'm happy with reading "stale" news.
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