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Baroque Cycle Footnotes . . . UPDATE!

Ladies, Gentlemen,

I have a concern. Years ago I had purchased several if not all the Neal Stephenson books and read most of them. When I got to Cryptonomicon, there were footnotes along the bottom of some of the pages to help clear up or add to the story.

I when finished with Cryptonomicon, I started Quicksilver and noticed the same thing. It was one of those books that was difficult to read if you weren't ready for the language. Those that have read it will understand.

Fast forward several years later and with a fairly new but thoroughly used PRS-505 in hand. I go to Sony Connect and look up the Baroque Cycle. The bundle isn't available, but $30 for three books seems a good deal to me.

I recently started reading Quicksilver again. Imagine my surprise when I could not find a way to get to the footnotes that infest Quicksilver!

I thought that, maybe, the footnotes would be hyper-linked in some way so you could go back and forth from footnote to story. NOPE!

Am I missing something here? Some of those footnotes are what make the books really worth the read! Am I really up Shat Creek? I'm fairly certain that there are other books out there that have footnotes. What has been done with those?

Any help would be appreciated.


Excellent News!
So I did what Patricia suggested and emailed Neal Stephenson, his agency, and Sony.

I hadn't checked my email since Monday morning. I open up my email this morning and see that I have an email with the subject heading of "Baroque Cycle series on Sony Reader -- follow up". Contents of the email have been edited to protect the innocent:

Dear GD,

Congratulate yourself! Due to your email, the problem with the footnotes on the Baroque Cycle Trilogy are about to be fixed.

“The revised files for QUICKSILVER have been posted to all of our e-book retailers. It may take up to two weeks for some of them to process the corrections, but the issue should be resolved. Thanks for your patience with this.”

Neal’s diligent and incredible editor also deserves credit for her amazing follow through on this issue, but on behalf of Neal Stephenson fans everywhere, thank you.

All best,

Agency Rep

Needless to say, I was completely dumbfounded! I responded with a thank you email as best I could. What a great way to start out a morning.

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