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Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
I just converted the demo of Herold - Innere Medizin (2009) and mobi2oeb from version 0.4.114 worked perfectly. I am using Windows XP Pro.
Hello JSWolf

Thanks a lot for trying this and for the answer.

I don't know what exactly was the problem over here, but somehow deinstalling Calibre, deinstalling .NET 3.5, , deinstalling python, then cleaning up my system, reinstalling etc did the job: mobi2oeb is now working.

Even on this file:

By now there is another problem:
This file (aswell as the Herold, the one you already converted successfully) are displayed quite messed up after mobi2oeb. I guess the formatting gets lost by converting?!

What makes me really wonder is that the mobi-file is NOT correctly displayed in Calibre aswell. Not correctly means: formatting messed up, internal links get lost, functions like the internal search field won't work. So maybe the problem is within the calibre source code interpreting this file?

If you don't know what I mean, take a look at the file above in the mobipocket reader and in calbire. Both display them quite differently.

Sunny greetings from Hamburg.
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