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Small steps...

For some strange reason today it worked with mobi2oeb, while yesterday it was giving me the error described in this post #5. But the small progress of having an HTML now is at least something. (Calbibre and any2epub still giving me errors). No changes where made on the system since yesterday. Odd stuff...

I'll keep on trying with converting the non-DRM-prc to epub. Since the conversion to HTML worked by now, I will now give it a shot with a DRM-protected file I purchased from the same store: first mobidedrm (v.0.1 & 0.2), then mobi2oeb.

Today I am still carrying the iPhone and PDA (palmOS) in the hospital. Since my iPhone is faster, smaller and much more versatile, getting my purchased DRM-mobipocket files working in my Apple handheld would be a great thing.

Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
Mobi2oeb is way better then mobihuff. So give mobi2oeb a go.
Already tried mobi2oeb. Read above. Thanks for your hint.

Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
IS there DRM with this Mobipocket eBook?
No, it is DRM free. But compressed. Since other files from the same provide didn't make those problems, I asume it might be some problem with just the file itself. Maybe you want to give it a try? URL in post #1.

Originally Posted by ny10522 View Post
Is there any way to achieve "instant look-up" of a word in a dictionary using an ereader app on the iphone? [...] Since the iphone/ipod touch has a touch screen, why hasn't one app provided this feature yet? I would gladly pay a premium price.
DITO! AFAIK there is no app with such a feature on the iPhone/iTouch yet. This feature would be worth a lot to me and I would gladly pay for it. qtl is one of my most-used and favourite firefox addons.

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