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Question iPhone & Mobipocket - How?

Hi there!

I am having troubles getting Mobipocket files working on my iPhone 3G (FW v.2.2).

The eBooks I used for testing are all DRM free Demo files in Mobipocket Format (*.prc), e.g.:

As eReading Software on the iPhone I have tested Stanza, eReader, BookshelfLT and textReader. The first two one won't display any of the above files. TextReader only displays "REPETITORIUM AN─STHESIOLOGIE" but none of the other files. Also the formating seems to be corrupt and none of the special characters (e.g. ─, ÷, ▀) is displayed. The other files can't be handles be textReader, giving me the popup that those files aren't supported.

The only reader that seems to be able to handle all of these files is BookshelfLT. Sadly the text links aren't working and Bookshelf doesn't have a search function - so the usability of these ebooks is almost nill.

I also tried a DRM protected Mobipocket file i regularly purchased. I found a bunch of pythons scripts aswell as a bundle of them compiled to EXE files. For those who still need to get those, demonoid and btjinkie might provide help to find Mobipocket Conversion programs + DRM Removal. But after removing the DRM I am getting the same results as with the above above free demo files...

So, what alternatives do I have left?

Converting the files to HTML? I have tried so with mobi2html. I can get all of the included GIF and other files extracted but the output HTML file seems to be empty (with 1kB file size only).

If anyone knows how to get these (or other) Mobipocket files running with full functionality on the iPhone, please share your wisdom with the rest of the world.

Thanks a lot
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