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Pure speculation

Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
The comments above are entirely missing the key benefit of the current generation of eInk reading devices - their amazing battery life.

I know that I could use a tablet PC to read books on, but I don't want to be reading my books on a device that I've got to worry about recharging every 3h. I want to read on a device where I only have to think about recharging every couple of weeks.

OLED screens and all the rest of it are "power hogs" just like LCD screens are. They aren't a replacement for eInk.
Well OLED's are expensive and new and far from being mass produced for hardware like a book reader, but they do need much less power than an LCD because they don't need to be independently backlit, and they are LED's which are pretty power thrifty.

I found the blog post very interesting, but even if it were right about everything, it would seem to be a long way off from coming true.
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