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Calibre issue doing a long upgrade

Calibre has been running fine for a long time, so it's been a while since I upgraded.

Today I went to upgrade to the latest 0.4.112 from my old version 0.4.83 and I've been running into a couple of problems.

1. The installer takes forever. Well over half an hour to run. That's new. The old versions always installed pretty quickly.

2. After installing, the old version kept crashing as it tried to convert my library from the old library1.dat file to the new format.

Is there a place I can get prior versions of calibre and maybe not do a jump of quite so many releases at a time 0.4.83 to 0.4.112?

Any other suggestions?

supplemental info: running under vista, old library1.dat file is about 700 MB in size.

I'd apreciate any advice you can give, because calibre is a great tool and I'd love to use the latest version.
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