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I must admit, Harry, my first reaction to your initial post was a groan; having finally settled on a reader, only to have another one thrown into the mix. I am now, however, very glad that you did!

pilotbob is right, I was misinterpreting the reviewer's complaints that when you restart the machine it takes you back to the library, as opposed to where you were last reading. This is not, however, a problem for me.

So I went to Dymocks in the city this morning and took a look at the CyBook in person, and I must admit, I'm impressed. I didn't find it to be cheap or flimsy as some reviewers have suggested, and was also surprised (despite all the photos I've seen) at just how small it is. I was also impressed at how light it is.

Unfortunately the dictionary they had installed was only a demo version, and so essentially useless, but I have at least seen how it is supposed to work and find it quite usable. Also, having encountered three unknown words in the p-book I was reading on the bus, I'm more convinced than ever that it's something that I could really use. I was also quite impressed with the font size options, and found the navigation of books and the library both perfectly intuitive and not at all the hassle that I'd been imagining.

I do think I would find the boot-up time quite frustrating, especially on those occasions when I only have a few minutes to read, but I think I would get around it by starting it in the morning, leaving it on during the day, only shutting it down at night or when I know I won't be reading for some time (when I'm working, for instance).

It is definitely more expensive - including 3-5 day shipping from B&H, the PRS 505 comes to $336.75USD, which at today's exchange rate is $513AUD. The CyBook, at Dymocks is $599AUD, + $49.95AUD for a case - almost $150 more. Buying direct from Bookeen, with shipping, is a little cheaper, at 282 Euro, or $562AUD, and that's not including a case, and also having to wait for them to be in stock again & shipping. I think I'm willing to pay the extra for the instant gratification after waiting so long!

The one downside I did notice was a curious, slight vertiginous sensation while reading. It's quite hard to describe, but I think it came from the cognitive dissonance of my brain expecting the display to flicker like every other screen it's ever seen, and thus being unsettled by how static it is. Sort of like stepping off a rocking boat onto the shore, I suppose. I assume this will pass fairly quickly. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

kovidgoyal is right about my desire to not be trapped with a DRM'd format, however, given that I can convert MobiPocket books, I have no issue with them - I think I would buy them, and load them on my device, whilst also keeping format-shifted open copies as a backup for the future. Not much different to buying them, converting them, then putting them on my e-book reader, really.

In the end, I do think the features offered by the CyBook outweigh the additional cost. Plus, my mother has offered to help pay for it as my birthday present, so hopefully in a few day's time I will be able to report that I am a happy e-book reader.

Thankyou all so much for your help and insight, I really appreciate it.
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