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Broken Amazon Kindle (for registering to my amazon account)

That's right, I want to buy your non-functional Amazon Kindle.

The only catch is that I must be able to register its serial number exclusively to my amazon account.

This means, if it's registered to your amazon account, or someone else's it's of no value to me, and I won't buy it from you.

Note: If your kindle is currently registered to your account, degregistering and re-registering is a simple process. You, the owner of the amazon account, simply de-register the kindle from your Amazon account. I can then register it to mine. After sale.

The price? Negotiable. Let me know either via a post here, or a private message what you think is reasonable for a broken piece of hardware. The accessories would be nice in case I ever get one myself, but if you'd like to keep them as spares or whatever, that's fine.

Note that I do want to receive the physical unit and will pay for standard UPS ground shipping (approx $7 per pound).

If you want we can set up an auction on eBay to add some peace of mind or whatever, my eBay account is almost eight years old and has 100% positive feedback.

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