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I'm thinking of buying the PRS-505, but could still use a little advice.

I'm looking to buy my first e-book reader, something that I've been thinking about ever since the PRS-500 first came over two years ago. It's astonishing to realise I've been pondering and prevaricating for that long!

Anyway, up until a few days ago I was thinking about getting the Hanlin Bebook, on account of its support for the widest selection of formats. However, having now read so many reviews that the thought of reading any more makes me feel physically ill, and having thought about what I want, I'm thinking the PRS-505 is actually my best bet. However, before I pull the trigger on it, I thought I'd share my reasoning with you and see if there's anything I've overlooked or misunderstood.

So first, I suppose, I should lay out the premises of my position:
1. I intend to use my e-book reader primarily for reading novels, with the occasional non-fiction book thrown in, and perhaps a comic or two. I have no need to read specific technical documents.
2. I have no interest in purchasing content that is locked by DRM or obscure proprietary formats which I cannot break or convert easily to an open format, on account of wishing to ensure that my library is future-proof. I also disagree philosophically with the idea of DRM.
3. I use a Mac, although I can boot into Windows if need be, though frankly, I usually can't be bothered.
4. I live in Australia.

Now I realise that the second premise does, ironically, preclude me from buying any books from Sony's Connect store. However, given that I don't have a US credit card, it's sort of a moot point anyway.

As I said, I was planning on buying the Bebook, but reading about how although it does support many formats, that support is generally less than stellar gave me pause. I then realised that it made far more sense for me to format-shift my e-books as necessary, and instead purchase my e-book reader based on its hardware, as opposed to its format support. Consequently, the PRS-505 seems the better bet to me because:
1. It has a superior (8-level greyscale) screen
2. It's aesthetically much more appealing
3. It's physically smaller
4. It has a nicer user interface (according to the reviews I've read)

Of course, there are some downsides to the reader, namely the complete lack of warranty/support from Sony, on account of my living in Australia. Also, being a Mac user precludes me from using their e-book library software, however there is the calibre software that looks just good, if not better. Or I could just connect it as a mass-storage device and dump the books I want on it.

Finally, I'm operating on the assumption that Lexcycle's Stanza should cover all of my format-conversion needs. Is this right, or is there some major e-book format that I've missed?

Anyway, that's what I'm thinking. If any of you can see any mistakes that I've made, or notice anything that I've missed, I'd appreciate your help.

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