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Originally Posted by tompe View Post
If you did an update you should know if it was mentioned. If you did the upgrade without taking backup when it was explicitly said you should take backup then you have only yourself to blame.

Not blaming a company for releasing a firmware that deletes all the books I put in the product I bought from them!? Not blaming that company for giving us no explanation!? Not blaming that company for not apologizing!? Not blaming that company for still offering that file (and no other file) four days after it was mentioned to them in their forum?!
I have copies of those books scattered around in many directories on my hard-disks. I wasted time copying them back: they were deleted again as soon as I disconnected my BeBook from my PC!!! Many other customers are in the exact same situation.

You must be one more clone of the sheepish consumer dreamed by so many CEOs who cut the budgets they should spend on thoroughly testing the products/software they make before they get released!
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