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Originally Posted by wallcraft View Post
Is this the same firmware that is on the Jinkie site?

I agree that any web page for firmware upgrades should tell everyone to backup all their ebooks before reflashing. Also, if there are multiple reports of problems they should disable the firmware download until it is fixed. However, as you say, Jinkie's "local partner" model does tend to fragment the ebook expertise. BeBook probably had no one "minding the store" over the weekend. This should have been addressed by now though.
This has not been seriously addressed by now: they still offer this disastrous firmware upgrade in their Downloads section!
An absolutely exemplary way of dealing with one's own disastrous mistakes!
Well, maybe there is only one overwhelmed incompetent employee in that company, and the CEO is right now enjoying a line of coke in a brothel in Thailand?
I am curious to know!

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