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Disastrous firmware upgrade for many BeBook users: no excuses from BeBook!!!

Moderator's note: BeBook is aware of this issue and, unlike this thread's title may suggest, has offered their support to anyone who is affected. If you have any more questions in this regard, we recommend that you get in contact with them directly.


The latest firmware upgrade had a simple but disastrous consequence for many BeBook owners: all the books we had in the internal memory were deleted!
It is even worse than that: the firmware renders the built-in memory totally unusable. Transferring files back to it does not work: they disappear immediately!!!
After 4 days of users accumulating testimonies of the same thing happening, not a word of excuse, not a single explanation, nothing!!!
Some companies like Bookeen are updating their firmwares too rarely, others do it often but do not have the proper security procedures to offer safe firmware upgrades.
I feel like a guinea pig, the owner of a beta product. Are consumers more and more treated with utter contempt? Are companies cutting costs too much and by doing so test their products too little before releasing/selling them? I think so, if I analyze many of my purchases from the past years.

EDIT: finally, some apologies! But they still offer the same destructive firmware on their Downloads page!

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