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Andybaby, I think the Reader software and digital editions have issues with my clunky CostCo Special laptop. I've had to reinstall the Reader software a couple of times. Library books don't seem to like to download to the Sony program (or it's just so infernally slow, I think it isn't loading) so I use Digital Editions for library books.

DE would be just great, except for the fact that the "bookshelves" in DE don't show up as categories on my reader, so I need to use the Sony program to set up categories (it's how I separate readings for different classes). But sometimes either one of these programs will create a mess of duplicate records on my reader (ugh!)

Also, the Sony program doesn't ever seem to fully close on my computer, so my computer refuses to eject the reader after I've finished. Hence my issues. I still love my Reader, though--it's a good design, and software can always be fixed...perhaps right now. I'm off to download calibre.

Thanks for the rec!
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