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I love my PRS 700. I've read several books (Project Guttenberg, purchased e-books, and DRMmed library books downloaded through Adobe Digital Editions), numerous pdfs, and a few rtf files on my 700. The formatting on the DRMmed Adobe ebooks gets kind of wonky when you change the text size (any you have to change the text size because it starts out minuscule). The Sony formatted pdfs come out just lovely, as do pdfs I create from web pages, etc.

I'm a student, and by my calculations, the Reader will pay for itself in savings on printing out the many, many pdf readings I'm assigned each week. Plus, the search and the notes features make finding quotes a breeze--it's waaaaay faster than sorting through a mess of index cards or sticky-noted pages looking for a quote.

Not that everything is light and roses -- I hate the software that came with it. Adobe Digital Editions and the Sony Reader program are absolute crap programs! 95% of my complaints about my Reader have everything to do with the related computer software. The other 5% of my annoyances with the 700 are split evenly between the glare (easily eliminated by the booklight) and random folks who come up asking, "Is that a Kindle?"

Does anyone know of any open source programs that will manage my files and let me view my annotations?

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