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Originally Posted by Andybaby View Post
Publishers should start embracing the Itunes generation when it comes to ebooks. when was the last time we heard of an artist that didnt sell their song on itunes?
The Beatles?

While we all want lower priced ebooks, I do sometimes get the feeling that articles and threads like this often overestimate the cost of mass producing printed books and underestimate the cost of setting up and maintaining an electronic publishing division. Prices will come down in time, and many already have (see the Kindle store's pricing on NYT best sellers as an example). But this is a very new industry and as such it will probably be a while before it settles at any kind of standard.

I've seen itunes mentioned a few times, however while they are often cheaper than the full retail price I often buy physical CDs for a similar or even lower prices than I can get on itunes. Different distribution models make for different opportunities for discounting and different retail models.
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