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No Storage card with PRS-505 and Calibre 0.4.111


I am running Linux on 64 bit Hardy Heron (8.04). I was running Calibre version 0.4.106, and everything was fine; I could save to disk, save to Storage Card (SD 2 gig) on Device, etc. under Calibre. No problems at all.

Upon upgrading to ver 0.4.111, the storage card is no longer showing up under Calibre - just PRS-505 main memory. The SD storage card auto-mounts fine under the OS, showing one Window with "Sony Ready Main" and "Sony Reader Storage Card".

I loaded Calibre 0.4.111 under Windows XP (different machine - 32 bit OS) and, exactly like the Linux boxen, there is no Storage Card showing up under Calibre, but it auto-mounts fine under the XP OS.

If I bring up the Sony eBook software on the XP machine, the storage card shows up fine under the Sony Reader.

I don't know what changed between 0.4.106 and 0.4.111, but what ever it was it seems to adversely affect the SD storage card under Calibre.

I noticed others are having the same problems with SD storage under Calibre, and version 0.4.110 and 111.

What information can I provide to assist with this?

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