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pox67 began at the beginning.
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No I ordered from the website so it will take a while to ship here

The format of the Sony never nothered me and I purchased all my books in .LIT and then used Calibre. It was easy to do. Then I just dumped the books on the device with Explorer, it works as a mass storage device as well. I installed the Sony software but never used it. Page turn was fine on the Sony, it never annoyed me but I had nothing to check it against, soon I will.

I am really looking forward to standard folders on the Bebook though. I have an 8gb card that was in my music player that I will use. I should be able to fit a couple of years reading on that

As you said I'll need to find out how to make FB2 files. I had played around with Book Designer but found the UI unintuitive. RTF might be the way to go...

I'd like good .Lit support on the Bebook but I have enough options until that comes along.

I'll do a full report when it gets here
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