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Very interesting and well written webricle (web article -- can I patent that ) as always Bob!

Originally Posted by Bob Russell

4) Listen to xm satellite radio via the web

You need a subscription to the xm radio satellite service, with an email and password account. But many people have xm radio, so it's probably there just waiting for you to listen to. The main xm radio web site probably has a login you can use from a Treo, but there is also this XM Mini mobile login.
I do not think this is possible to do with Pocket Tunes although I keep hoping that an update will allow it. XM, whether you log in through the XM website or Mini XM, streams through a Windows Media Stream ( .asx file) that Pocket Tunes can not open. Reports on the Treo 700p state that you can stream XM through the improved Blazer with Kinoma support. I would love to see Pocket Tunes add this feature.
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