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Originally Posted by pox67 View Post
I am not sure why but I wasn't too worried. The current price of the Bebook in AUD is $399 which is much less than the Euro conversion.

So with the discount and shipping it came to $413.77 AUD. That is a good price and comparable to what I paid for the Sony.

For the Sony saga shee here:

The short of it is the Australian dollar has fallen and where I could get the PRS-505 delivered for under $400 AUD a few months ago it is now going to cost over $560. That made ordering the Bebook an no brainer.

I am keen to try out some of the features of the Bebook. The navigation on the Sony really annoyed me so I am looking forward to folders.
Actually, that price is very good, given the current EUR-AUD exchange rate it equate to about 200! That's 100 less than the Europe price - well done! I should have ordered one in Australia and sent it to my Mum's address.

You must have ordered via an Aussie web site? I know they have a reseller down there promoting the BeBook.

I can't compare it to the Sony, so as I said I'm very interested to hear your views. Obviously some stuff will be better and some not. I like the look of the Sony, but am a little concerned with the proprietary format (I know Calibre does a great job, so it's not a biggie), the data management (not folders but their own database, like an iPod) and the reported slow page turn.

The BeBook is not lightning fast, depending on format (PDF is slowest), but it seems OK to me ~1 sec to turn the page. That's a fraction slower than I'd like because it's enough to notice when you finish the last line and have to wait, but it doesn't really bother me. The folder filing and easy transfer (USB mass storage device) are great - I just have everything on a 4GB SDHC card (for 8 I couldn't say no!) and organise stuff how I like it, then I can browse it on the BeBook. Sort by name, date or format.

I tend to get most stuff in either LIT or PRC formats then convert to FB2 for reading on the device. BookDesigner is a great tool for that, but there's also others. Reading the BeBook support forums it seems that RTF is a great choice of format as it uses the CoolReader implementation, which is as good as the FBReader. And RTFs are pretty easy to generate, so you might consider that. I still use FB2 out of habit, and it's XML based. But for appearances on BeBook the RTF and FB2 files look basically the same, have the same options for font type, size, etc.

Other formats work but to varying degrees of success. The Mobi implementation still needs some work, and LIT is not great (so it's good you're comfortable with converting). PDF is OK - as good as any of the other small screen readers around - the DR1000 has obvious advantages there. I would like to see improvements in the HTML rendering too.

BeBook have been reasonable so far with firmware updates for improvements, so I hope they keep up the good work. Enjoy your BeBook when it arrives.
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