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Just saw Sony PRS 700 and PRS 505 at Sony Style Store

Hello Everyone,

I am new and want to thank everyone that has written in. I was having trouble making the decision between the PRS 700 and the 505. Been online reading reviews and waited for the 700 to be released so that I could read reviews from people that actually have it. After reading the reviews, I decided to go to the Sony Style Store and see if the screen on the 505 is really that much better then the 700. My ereader background by the way, is using my Palm Lifedrive, downloading books from the library or purchasing at the palm bookstore.

I held both devices in my hand, one in my left, one in my right, put the screens side by side and I must say the screen on the 505 is MUCH nicer. I really wanted to love the 700, wanted the light, since my palm lifedrive has the backlight, and I use it to read in a dark room. After seeing the screens, I went with the 505 and purchased the lighted bookcover. So now I will have a light and the nicer screen. I hit the page forward button on both devices and did not see that big of a difference in page advance. That may change with PDF files, I was using the books loaded at the store.

The main reason that I went with the Sony over the Kindle was being able to download books from my local library. I really thought about the Kindle since the books are all $9.99 or less, but books at the library are free and that's pretty nice.

By the way, my hubby was with me and he liked the 505 screen better too.
He thought there was no comparison in the screens, and he is not a gadget person, he had not read any reviews, just walked in, saw them both and said, wow that one has a much nicer screen.
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