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Completely disagree

Originally Posted by bingle
DRM is terrible for many reasons, one of which is that it puts control of the hardware in the DRM authors' or licensors' hands. I imagine Hanlin is not big enough or rich enough to negotiate with Amazon to include DRM decoding on their device. This is much the way Creative can't get protected Apple AAC files to play on their devices - it's not from lack of wanting, trust me. Likewise, it's not Hanlin's fault that Amazon's DRM doesn't work with their system - I'm sure that, given the chance, they would implement it.
Sorry to disagree but this simply is not correct in the case of Acrobat Ebook reader files. They do not have to make any "agreement" with Amazon or anyone else that supplies ebooks. Go to Adobe's site for details - anyone can make hardware and software to do it - they are CHOOSING not to do it so they can make money from ebook stores - pure and simple.

Now that was my last post!!
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