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Ebook readers the next Dodo?

Are ebook readers doomed to extinction?
Sony - with content likely only downloadable from and that being in massive trouble at the moment plus their record with the Librie in Japan I would have to say I would rate their chance of extinction as "Very high".
Hanlin V2 - can put free content on easily BUT....I received the following answers from "May" at "Jinke". I rate their chance of extinction as "High".

1) If I buy DRM protected Acrobat Ebooks from can I read them on the V2 and V8?
May's answer - No, you can't read them on the V2 and V8.

2) If I buy DRM protected Acrobat Ebooks from that normally I
could keep forever - could I keep them forever on the V2 and V8?
(I only ask because Sony Librie Ebook reader has a 60-day time limit).
May's Answer - No, you can't.

Even though the Hanlin Reader can read NATIVE PDFs and runs on LINUX they could not think to allow DRM...C'mon!!

Iliad - the only one of three that will allow DRM PDF content (they say it will happen but it has not happened yet) and therefore the only one, it seems to me anyway, that will not "tie" you to certain ebook stores that have an agreement with an ebook manufacturer. Price is very high though. I rate the chance of extinction as "Medium".

So there you have it. I believe it is likely ebook readers will do exactly what they have done in the past. Remember stories you have read on the net about people buying previous ebook readers? Remember the limited content? Remember the "tied" ebook stores? Remember the ebook prices often being the same even as a paperback? It goes on and on and on.

Those who ignore history are certainly doomed to repeat it. I, sad to say, have now totally given up. I will not buy an ebook reader and you will not see me on this board again (though you guys have all been very helpful..sniff )

I will buy either a computer controlled telescope for $291 or the unbelievable ultimate gadget (unique) for $399 the Celestron SkyScout

Good bye and good luck,

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