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Librie owners, a few questions

I have a few questions for Librie owners...

I had been saving up and planning to buy an Iliad. I was extremely frustrated by the delays and finally with the news yesterday, I decided to give up on Irex. Since the latest rumours are that the Sony Reader won't be on sale until August /September, I'm very seriously considering buying a Librie (with the English conversion).

If anyone here owns one, I'd be very interested to get your opinions on how easy it is to use, to upload books (I have about 2,000 ebooks, mostly in text and PDF formats, or formats I can easily convert to txt), how well it paginates txt files, and if there are any issues with the firmware being hacked to English. Is it easy to resize the fonts to fit more text in the display?

Also, I know the Librie uses Memorystick media. Up until a couple of years ago, memorysticks were limited to 128 mb. Does the Librie use the newer Memory Sticks that can go to 4 gb?

Any help is most appreciated. I want e-ink now!!!

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