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Originally Posted by ewiplayer View Post
How do you raster the written stuff to an image format? How do you store it? Where do you store it? How is it retrieved? Displayed? Do you get to modify the file itself (i.e. write notes on the doc)? If so, then how does the existing rendering engine manage to deal with the new data? How does it integrate with the offline software? Can you edit it outside? How do you sync those changes back and forth? Is it a new filetype that must be supported? Does it integrate with the notes application or can it be its own beast? What are the file size requirements on the device? How do you optimize for input and display? Are files that are too big too difficult to display? That's a stream of consciousness... I haven't even thought about it yet. This could go on for a while...

I don't want to get into a design discussion at all (as it would be even further off topic than this post is already), I'm just making my point... and I'm going to sum up with my original statement... "It's always harder than you think".
Well I'm defiantly not saying your wrong because your probably right. But I'm looking around at some the applications produced for the 505 and 500. I'm certain its possible to implement. How hard it would be is another discussion on its own. Anyways, thanks for the response. =)
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