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Thanks for your review. I think if you are looking at the 700 and have had no prior experience with 500 or 505, it's probably something people would spring for. Having had the opportunity to side-by-side 500, 505, and 700, I left my beloved 500 with the SonyStyle store and walked out hugging a shiny new 505.

My biggest feature is that I can now use eBooks from the library and the screen is whiter and sharper than my 500. And maybe this is my own imagination, but the page turns to me are faster on 505 vs 500. I'd conditioned my fingers to hit "Next Page" when I was most of the way down the page so the page turns were pretty seamless on the 500. But with the 505 I was missing the last sentence or so, and I had to retrain my "Next Page" finger to let it get further down the page
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