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Books/Periodicals and sub-folders

I am interested in publishing a periodical for the Kindle (and by extension any other reader that recognizes the mobipocket format).

I have read the threads here and here that discuss how to mark my file as a periodical and set the author field in the metadata as the title. I appreciate all the info I got from those two threads.
Here is my question: once I do that, and then open the file, the banner across the top only has the name (i.e. The Washington Post), but unlike the newspaper subscription, my file doesn't then have the name or date like a newspaper subscription.

For example, I have a couple issues of The Washington Post. On my home page, I see:
The Washington Post Nov 6, 2008.

If I open that grouping, I see all the issues I have (which happen to be Nov 3-6, 2008). When I open one to read, the banner across the top of the screen reads:
The Washington Post November 6, 2008 edition.

What can I change in the metadata to overwrite the "November 6, 2008 edition" or does the kindle just read that from the date of publication field?

My periodical is published quarterly, and I would like the banner to read something like this:
My Periodical, Isn't it Grand Winter 2008 (4:4).

Does anyone know if this is possible?

(sorry for the double post, I had meant to originally post in this forum)
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