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SonyStyle Price Match

Don't know if anyone has posted this info but FWIW I thought I would share that SonyStyle will price match other retailers on the 505.

After comparing the 700 to the 505 several times in person (I drive past the local store daily) I chose the 505's clarity for my first ebook.

When I purchased the 505, I took advantage of the credit card offer for $150 off $299 purchase (currently being offered at $100, I believe). When I mentioned that WalMart is selling it for $258, and that the Sony website offers a $40 accessory discount if purchased with a cover and a warranty, they said they would offer one or the other.

For me, I skipped the lighted cover (for now... need to leave something on the holiday gift list!) so the 505 and the ($55) 2 year warranty with handling protection ended up netting out at $163. Sweet!
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