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Originally Posted by KurtJohnson View Post
We try to stay refrain from referring to Secure (DRM) Adobe PDF (ADE format) as Adobe PDF as this creates confusion for new users of eBooks who most often see the PDF and assume it is a standard pdf file.
This mistake can create a frustrating first eBook experience, and we do not want that, we want everyone reading eBooks.
Well put. I had not thought of it that way, but it does make sense. Also, thank you for participating in this forum.

I do hope you make some progress on getting other publishers to go DRM-free. I also hope you will make it clear that you offer DRM-free titles to all your customers, and make an easy way to find them, even when not shopping from an iPhone. From the comments around here, several members of this forum go to <your nameless competitor> specifically for the unsecured content they offer.

While I do prefer DRM-free titles, I found it odd that you sell eReader files, but do not mention that on the iPhone announcement. You shoo customers from the DRM content, but many of those same titles can be read on an iPhone if they choose and purchase the right format. Do you intend to allow eReader files to be browsed and downloaded via the iPhone portal?

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