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Many kudos to Books On Board and Samhain (anyone ever heard of them before?) for adding another source for DRM-free ePUB books! Quite the book for both of them and Lexcycle (the company behind Stanza).

Curious how Adobe's name is stamped on an industry standard. The files are called "Adobe ePUB DRM-Free" books, and customers are cautioned that they cannot use "Adobe ePUB DRM" books on the iPhones. Further kudos to Books On Board for drawing a clear distinction... Some confusion is probably unavoidable, but hopefully the number of people buying Adobe ePUB DRM files thinking they can later transfer them to their iPhone will be minimized.

Speaking of confusion, I am confused about something myself. In addition to those two formats, they also caution buyers about a third format - Adobe Digital Editions. Anyone know what the difference is between that and Adobe ePUB DRM? On a different page (their Formats guide), they even suggest that Sony Reader customers should stick to Adobe ePUB over ADE for the best experience. No mention of what the actual difference is, though.

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