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Originally Posted by PostGrant
I have an eBookWise too.

Here's the skinny for folks on the line:

Personal content - yeah, it's possible. Gutenberg is possible, RB is possible, etc, etc, and if you are enterprising enough, even .LIT files can be converted.

Complex HTML, offline reading - it's possible if you spend an hour or two getting familiar with sitescooper. Sitescooper, I'm finding, is the eBookWise user's best friend. I now, daily, read the Times, BBC News, the Guardian, and a handful of my favorite blogs on my EBW (yes, with hyperlinks).

Weight, readability - the screen isn't as green as it looks in the pics, unless you're reading it under direct sunlight. It *is* a green screen, but the backlight makes it appear black/white. It's not that heavy, either - if you figure out the correct way to hold it, it's nearly weightless.

My opinion: I love this thing. I wouldn't trade it for any Palm/PocketPC - I wouldn't even trade it for a lifetime of free martinis. The size of the screen is wonderful, and the price is right.

I demand alot of this machine and have used alot of the document converters. I'd be willing to answer any questions and help people out making this thing even more usable.

I love this unit also. I have to use litcovertor convert all my .lit files to HTML and then I use the ebookwise librarian to convert them to .imp. unfortumately I also have a ton of mobipocket files which I can't read. Do you know of any way to help me convert them?
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