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Hard Science Fiction suggestions

I looked through and didn't see a topic for this - it's probably buried -but I need some new books - I totally don't like fantasy - I read Lord of the Rings simply because it's a classic and I should, but I don't like the genre at all. I also don't like ... war based? I don't know what you'd call it, but not an emphasis on military expansion - Semper Mars, -

I like more technology based sf and first contact - hate Darrel Bain, Archive was ok, didn't like Snow Crash by Stephenson, Hammerfall was ok, Resnick's Oracle was ok but wouldn't want to reread - I keep thinking I should like Resnick, but just can't find a click w/ him.

So, what I do like -

Asimov - not so much the Foundation series, but many of his others

Gregory Benford - Sunborn is ok, Matter's End - really liked,

Poul Anderson - most everything I've liked - Tau Zero,

Fredrick Pohl - most everything

Silverberg - liked most of them and have read them all

Kim Robinson - all the Mars books, Red, Blue, etc - loved

Hamilton -Night Dawn's Trilogy - would like to reread - but it's such a massive endeavor to get through it all and very bleak through most of it.

Egan - Schild's Ladder - ok

Heinlein - liked most of them - Red Planet but have read all his books

Greg Bear - most all, Blood Music really, really loved - I've read Darwins Radio and Quantico and Moving Mars

Contact - loved - need to find an e-book for it

Neal - Denizen - better than ok, not great

Gunn - The Listeners, really liked

Paula King - A Whisper of Time - really liked

So any suggestions - PS - I have a sony - so I can't get Amazon only books.

I forgot about Ben Bova too - can't find many at sony or fw though

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