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Originally Posted by badgoodDeb View Post
@NoelEiffe: On a mac, I had to go to and explicitly search for java 1.6 .... but it *is* available. Just doesn't seem to download unless you go and ask for it. Oh, I had to relink the "Current" directory of the javas to point to the 1.6 one, too.

However, using a similar command:
java -Xms200M -Xmx300M -jar LRFTools-v0.9.148.jar convert "LRFs" -RTF -noo

I got this error:
Apple AWT Startup Exception : *** - [NSCFArray insertObject:atIndex:]} attempt to insert nil
Apple AWT Restarting Native Event Thread

Any clues about this? It said the same thing for -HTML and for -RTF and for -PDF. (Didn't try -XML) Oddly, converting to -EPUB *did* work (fantastically, thank you so very much!!) So I used Stanza to read the EPUB files and export as mobipocket, my final target.

But any idea why the insert nil error with 3 formats and not with EPUB ?
Hi, look at; it seems you have a problem with your java configuration.
Thanks for testing,
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