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Thank you all for creating such a wonderful hack. I have Android running on the Kobo. I am looking to do a few tweaks, but since it is not deodexed, I am having difficulty. I no longer have a linux box so I cannot access the /system partition directly (even though I do have adb up and running).

So, my questions...
I want to map the light button to do something (probably a page flip in mantano, it has many hardware options but my light button does not seem to do anything, or screen refresh, thanks for that app by the way).

I also want to change the background images in sleep mode.

In my sd card image whenever I change the apps involved, it reverts back to the standard file.

Does anyone have any advice?
I tried using the button remaper app, but that does not recognize button id 90 which is our light button. I tried editing the key file (mxckpd.kl), but it does not take.

I did decompress the apk with the images (MsgE6.apk), but it seems odexed so even when I push the modified apk through adb, it does not take.

Thanks again. This is on the verge of being the very best ereader ever.


Edit: I totally forgot to give specifics. Sorry. I am on the Kobo Glo. I am running kernel
Build # is GRJ22-535-39ecbe85dad5-p
I am using an sd card image

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