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This is not "Radiation" in the lay sense

Originally Posted by joblack View Post
We are talking about nuclear radiation -> flying electrons are beta radiation. It's not a strong one but if you don't need it don't have it ... wouldn't you agree? ...
No. Absolutely not. In fact, these sensor are not even emitting electrons. They simply create an electric field. You are exposed to stronger fields every time you walk around wearing slacks, every time you sit in a car, ever time you sit in front of a computer, or when you comb your hair. These fields are absolutely, incontrovertibly of no possible harm.

I have, however, had occasional problems with there behavior. I was thinking it was when the battery was low? When I tried to power the unit up while sitting on a plastic stand through which I had drilled a whole for the usb cord, they totally flaked out--big surprise, the plastic carries a static charge from routine handling.
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