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Synchronizing ebook page between devices

I'm wondering if there are any ebook readers which I haven't tried yet which do a good job of synchronizing which page I'm on between different android devices.

I've been using Moon+ Reader for this. It does a decent job of synchronizing, but I would like an alternative due to its inability to preserve page breaks within chapters. I'm currently reading a book which primarily has two long chapters and losing the breaks due to extra spaces between paragraphs as in the physical copy makes it harder to read.

I am currently using FBReader for this book. The formatting of the book works fine and it does synchronize, but it doesn't do it transparently the way Moon+ does so I'm still looking around for alternatives.

I do have a copy of Mantano but dislike the way they force people to pay for their cloud instead of using Dropbox. If I don't find a better alternative I might give in and pay the $20 per year (or reduce the number of books to under 1000 and cut it to $10 per year--realistically I don't really need to keep all those books on there).

I have also used Aldiko in the past but it had some problems.

Any other suggestions?
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