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Newbie question, native pdf support ?

Hi everyone !

I'm considering a prs-505, now that it's available in France.

I'd like to have a streamlined way to upload books to the reader, but since I'm on Mac, I understood that only Calibre and USB disk like interfaces are available.

Calibre will be fine (I think !) for drm'ed files sold on fnac, but does not work well with my pdfs. The generated LRF looses most interesting content (e.g. formulae and diagrams... ).

So, I'd like to know if:
I can drag drop directly some pdf's files on the reader
OR if I need to convert them to lrf first ?

Second - related question-, do you think that any of these 2 pdfs are well formatted for the sony ? If you could just load them natively and tell me if they are readable.
and / or

If you're interested, I'd gladly send you the python script I've used to "tile" a4 formatted pdf on two half-pages.

Thanks a lot !
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