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TOC in RTF - a solution

I have also tried the auto chapter detection with a number of different formats inc RTF and HTML. I created several test documents so I can control the chapter tag and attribute + value. Nothing works. The only reliable way to get a TOC is to go via Mobipocket Creator which detects the chapter tag ok. The full procedure I used is:

- Edit the doc in Word and save in RTF. Create a word style - I called it ChapterHeading - based on Heading 1. Give all the chapter headings this style. There must be a hard page break before the chapter heading with no other page or section breaks in the doc. Whilst you are at it you can get rid of split lines and multiple blank lines also. Save as RTF.

- Switch to Mobipocket Creator and create a new publication by importing a Word doc. Import the RTF and add a TOC. In the TOC panel set 'h' as the tag, 'class' as the attribute and 'ChapterHeading' as the value. Build the publication to get the .prc file.

- Switch to Calibre and convert to LRF.

- Bingo you have a perfect eBook with TOC.

- repeat for the other 15000 ebooks in your collection.
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