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[Tool] Multi-column PDF files on 6 inch display.

I developed a program to convert PDF documents such as articles, and technical papers into a GIF sequence so as to be readable on a small screen of e-book devices. This program automatically detects contiguous and non-empty regions in a page, and based on the information, split the page into multiple low-res pages. Unnecessary margins are also automatically removed.

Download: PaperCrop

Input pdf:

Output pdf:

Currently, only windows are supported. (It works on other platforms through wine though)
There may exist some bugs.

- Version 0.24 uploaded. source codes are available too.
- Version 0.3 uploaded. (All 0.24 users should upgrade to this version. Sorry for the crash problem. Version 0.3 outputs to a PDF file. Could anybody please test the output pdf file on a Sony Reader?)
- Version 0.4 uploaded.

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