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Originally Posted by CommanderROR
The last I heard there was a small number of trial participant who already received their devices...unfortunately I can't remember who postet that where.

I am also wondering why nobody has reported in here, but if I heard correctly the audience of De Tijd is not really the audience of internet communities like mobileread and teleread...^^

There is also the Italian trial and several others that are forthcoming...there were newspaper articles about it and everything...but things are dangerously quiet now...I just hope something definite happens soon...

I hoe as well; this waiting is weaing me out. But as Tadw mentioned it is really unlikely that a simple webstore problem is what delays the product.

Maybe they found a critical bug in they hard/soft
Maybe the are piling up on units for the great launch day
Maybe they just have a few prototype units (i sure hope this is not true)
Or maybe they do indeed have a webstore issue

In any case, I cant wait to force 540 Euro on them
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