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Originally Posted by ProDigit View Post
+Epub, RTF, LIT, PPT, WOLF, DOC, CHM, FB2, DJVU, Tiff, BMP, RAR, ZIP -- OEB XHTML (+13, -1)
After a year using Cybook, I have come to the conclusion that if it can be converted to mobipocket with mobipocket creator (and you can convert doc rtf, html, txt and pdf, that I know, and besides some formats as lit you can easily convert to html then to mobipocket) it is worth reading in the cybook. If it does not convert nicely, then, let it go, it is not for reading with cybook. This happens with certain pdfs based on images. You can read them with the Cybook, as it supports pdf, but it is frustrating: too small the screen. So, if you have a djvu file, for example, the limitation would not be in the software, it would be in the screen size, that it is the same for the cybook than for the Bebook. With a bigger screen the format question would be another matter.

And I like to be able to choose fonts and to look up in a dictionary.

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